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If you are dealing with gift printing and you are using heat printing systems, the best one which you need to try out is heat press machines. When it comes to printing business, heat press machines are the best choose. This become the reason why you need to read these machines and then go for a right type according to your business requirements. Here are some essential factors you need to consider when buying the heat press machine.
Types of the Heat Press Machines
Concerning the heat press machines, there are two types which include swing-away type and clam type. Swing-away type is a press machine that has the top platen which goes up and also swings to right. In fact, many top platens of this type can rotate to 100 degrees without any problem, which become another best feature of this machine. Clam type of the type of heat press machine features. When you want to use this machine, top platen rises while the bottom platen maybe slid toward the user of a machine. The beauty with this machine is, it can be positioned in the small room. Therefore, if space become a problem to you, this type the heat press machine can be the best to have.
You need to ensure the heat press machine is big for the printing needs. When your machine is small, the work which you are supposed to do you will not complete on time. For example, if you do not get big orders regularly, then you stick to the small machine. Alternatively, if you require to print the big designs and receive the big orders, then you need to opt for the big machine.
Digital and analog
There are two options to go
about for the technology. You can either choose the digital machine or the analog machine. The advantage of having digital machines becomes, they’re smart. In other word, they’re more accurate and user friendly. However, they can be more expensive compared to analog one.