What is a heat press machine?

Operating a heat press machine is much simpler and more intuitive than we can imagine. To make a good impression we only have to take into account some factors such as pressure, temperature and time.
The T-shirt is then placed in a heat press machine with the design on top, and the combination of heat and pressure from the machine causes it to adhere and transfer to the surface of the material such as T-shirts, caps, mugs, etc.
To control these 3 factors is very simple because most of the thermal presses have a digital control that allows you to regulate the settings to achieve a perfect finish
According to the mechanism of the thermal plates. we find three types of presses:
They are the most economical and easy-to-use type of heat press machine. They are so-called because they have a manual opening and closing system. Having a manual regulation system can lead to more errors. However, they are ideal for those who use them from time to time and have a reduced budget.
These magnetic plates have a magnetic opening system. After finishing a print, they open automatically thanks to their magnetism. Although you have to close it manually. They are a good option if they are not used constantly
Pneumatic end presses are the most complete presses and allow for greater productivity. They have automatic opening and closing and thanks to their automatic adjustment system they allow a more precise printing when printing. These presses are designed for more repetitive and constant work and make use of a compressor.

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